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StopTech C43 Race Ultra Lightweight Front Brake Kit - E36 M3

Front, 4-piston, ultra-light weight, balanced, brake upgrade for E36 M3 track/race cars

Lucky Sale! 21% OFF + Free Shipping in the 48 with Promo Code: BLACKJACK-C9J6F

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The BimmerWorld View: StopTech C43 brake kits are focused on club racing sprint, medium endurance, and dedicated track cars that need a race-level braking package but are also weight sensitive and don't want the negative side effects from too-large brakes. The trend in brake kits has been "bigger is better" and that's just not the case all the time. Sometimes bigger brakes just add more weight without any appreciable gains in performance. The larger kits also suffer pad knockback and force you into a larger tire/wheel for clearance. It's time to re-focus braking performance on what counts!

StopTech C43 Race for E36 M3 features -
  • Super-focused on light weight and performance
  • 50% lighter than ST40 caliper
  • 50% better cooling airflow than Aerorotors
  • Smaller diameter rotor for lower weight and MOI with less pad knockback
  • Super-thick rotor does not give up any cooling capacity
  • Fits under 17" wheels
  • Race kit: Race pads, bi-directional slot pattern, no anti-rattle hardware
The C43 caliper is a 4-piston layout, forged from aluminum, sized and machined to minimize weight. The C43 is 50% lighter than a ST40 caliper and even lighter than the Trophy kit! Stainless steel piston noses and anti-knockback springs are optional. A single bridge bolt saves weight and reduces pad change times. C43 calipers do not include dust boots so street use should be minimized. Pads are 18mm thick and the shape is shared with AP and Wilwood calipers (Hawk HB521 and PFC 7751).

Rotors are 2-piece 309x32mm with a new bi-directional slot pattern. The diameter is kept small to reduce MOI (Moment of Inertia) and prevent the pad knockback so pervasive in oversized Big Brake Kits. The 32mm thickness contains more than enough cooling capacity for these cars. The rotors also use StopTech's pillar vane construction that is lighter and cools better than traditional vane designs. C43 rotors flow 50% better than usual StopTech Aerorotors! Pillar design uses aerodynamically-shaped posts inside the rotor that have more surface area for better cooling. Race CBK kits do not come with anti-rattle hardware but do have a floating system that further reduces pad knockback.

StopTech's C43 caliper is the result of years of R&D in road racing and short-track circle racing, which is a merciless proving ground for brakes. With R&D input and testing from BimmerWorld, StopTech has made this caliper design available for limited BMW applications through BimmerWorld. BMW C43 kits feature all of the great advantages of a regular StopTech Big Brake Kit: the Balanced Brake Upgrade(R) approach that optimizes brake distribution to improve traction at all four corners, patented rotor cooling vanes for longer pad life and less fade, and the stiffest caliper designs in the industry.

Aerorotor SizesFloating HardwareAnti-Rattle HardwareCaliper WeightDust BootsIncluded Brake Pad TypeStainless Brake Lines
Trophy Race332mmX
SR33 RaceX
CBK Race309mmX
~68ozSR33 RaceX
CBK Sport309mmXX~68oz309 SportX

C43 calipers do not use dust boots on the caliper pistons and are only sold for racing or exclusive track activity only. Caliper dust boots play a key role in preventing debris from damaging the inner piston seals and causing a very dangerous loss in brake pressure. As with any racing braking system, periodic rebuilds and regular fluid changes using an appropriate fluid are strongly advised.

C43 calipers are only available in dark-grey military-spec hardcoat.

CBK kit comes with StopTech pads. Hawk pads (HB521) and PFC pads (7751) are also available. Replacement rotor rings are also available.

Best Price Guarantee!
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BMW Fitments:

3 Series
E36 (95-99) > M3
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